Schwab Household View Instructions

Schwab Household View Instructions

February 29, 2024

Since TD Ameritrade's conversion to Charles Schwab, you might be wondering why you can no longer view your spouse's retirement accounts. To keep your information secure, Schwab's default is you are not able to see a spouse's account (unless you are an owner or trustee). To list your spouse as an authorized viewer on your account(s), follow the instructions below.

Instructions to grant your spouse/household view access to your account: 

  1. Login to Schwab Alliance (desktop)
  2. Visit the ‘Profile’ tab on the top right.
  3. Click on ‘Account Access’
  4. Click on the green button, ‘Give Account Access.’
  5. Select an access type. (There are 3 choices for access type: View only, Limited trading authority, and Full trading authority. For more information on the access types, there are descriptions)
  6. Select the account(s) you would like to grant your spouse/household access to.
  7. Enter the personal information of the person you would like to grant access to. This is the last step and will kickstart the invitation process.

The process only takes a few minutes. Once you are done, you will see your spouse's account indefinitely. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Jacob at or call 925-223-8868 x 1001.