Video: Start Reducing 2024 Taxes Today!

Video: Start Reducing 2024 Taxes Today!

February 16, 2024

Business owners and professionals receiving equity compensation are at high risk of overpaying for taxes come tax season. Our clients are constantly seeking tax planning strategies and professionals to help them minimize their tax liability.

We believe the tax strategies and solutions discussed in this episode will help CPAs differentiate their practice and attract/retain business owners and corporate executive clients. Individuals filing their own taxes will also find tips and strategies that they can use in their tax planning.

Daniel Goodman, Director of Financial Planning at Sierra Pacific Financial Advisors will walk you through the 1040 tax form and supporting schedules. You will learn various tactics and specific actions you can take to start reducing your 2024 tax liability today.

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This webinar is intended to educate individuals and CPAs on tax planning opportunities related to tax form 1040 and does not constitute legal advice. All investments come with the risk of losing principal and you should discuss with a financial professional before taking action.