Webinar: Qualified Opportunity Zones

Webinar: Qualified Opportunity Zones

June 06, 2024

Presentation from June 6, 2024 live SPFA webinar on Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund investments featuring guest presenter James Lenz, AVP, Griffin Capital Company, LLC.

Content covers the tax-wise compelling benefits of QOF investments for qualified long-term investors, including capital gains deferral/reduction/elimination on top of  anticipated investment appreciation returns (see presentation link at the bottom below).

The webinar presentation includes the What, Why and for Whom aspects of QOFs as well as much more afforded investors seeking capital gains reduction/deferral, innovative diversification, long-term growth potential and positive social impact.

What/Why/Whom Topics covered include:

- QOZ Legislation: updates on the laws passed to encourage such private investment opportunities.

- Tax Benefits: Investors can defer capital gains taxes by reinvesting their capital gains into QOFs. Investments held to full term may benefit from a capital gains tax rate of 0%.

- Tax Reduction: By rolling capital gains into a QOF, investors can reduce their capital gains tax liability.

- Community Impact: QOFs aim to revitalize low-income or economically distressed areas, promoting job creation, business activity, and expanded housing options.

- Economic Growth: Investments intend to propel economic growth in the designated opportunity zones.

- Portfolio Diversification: QOFs provide an opportunity to diversify an investment portfolio with a focus on real estate and business development in emerging markets.

- Long-Term Growth Potential: Property values in distressed communities designated as QOZs may rise substantially with development and investment, offering the potential for significant returns as well as Positive Social Impact.

Link to the presentation: Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund IV - Investor Presentation - Griffin Capital