15 Feb
Tax Planning Strategies That You Can Use to Attract and Retain Clients


Our clients often ask us if we know a CPA who does tax planning in addition to just tax preparation.  This is especially true for those corporate executives with sizable equity compensation as well as our small and medium-sized business owners. Those clients are looking for innovative solutions to their equity and tax situations.

We would like to present you with several planning ideas you can present to your clients.  We believe it can help differentiate yourself and deepen the relationship with your clients.  

Sierra Pacific Financial Advisors is cordially inviting you to join us for this educational webinar titled "Tax Planning for the Tax Professional". You will learn various tactics and actions that help your clients minimize their tax liability.

We will walk through the IRS form 1040 and supporting schedules pointing out potential tax-planning opportunities you can bring forward to your clients

Please join us on Thursday, February 15th at 1:30 Pacific Time for a complimentary webinar on the benefits and actions you can take to help your clients with tax planning.

Date and Time

Thu, Feb 15, 2024

1:30p - 2:30p PST




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