Near Term-and-Current Retirees:

After many years of hard work, you are ready for a comfortable retirement life. Yet retirement planning may raise a number of questions as you consider the life-stage transition:

  • How will I manage my income and maintain my desired retirement lifestyle?
  • Do I need to purchase long term care insurance or attempt to self fund my care?  
  • How can I avoid outliving my money?
  • Will I have enough assets to leave my heirs?

SPFA advisors are skilled in creating retirement blueprints that help you prepare for those golden years and enjoy the comfortable retirement life you desire.   

Consider our retirement planning services:

  • Asset-protection and distribution strategies
  • Portfolio income structures
  • Social Security optimization
  • Long-term-care analysis
  • 401k Plan rollover & ROTH IRA conversion planning
  • Gifting and charitable-giving strategies