Keys to Investing for A Better Retirement Life

No matter what our occupations, most of us share a common goal of a comfortable retirement. So the
decisions we make in preparation for retirement are crucial. Most people make those decisions about their
retirement plans when they retire. In many cases, those decisions can’t be reversed. This webinar will
examine those crucial issues and provide guidance on how to optimally invest for a comfortable retirement

This Webinar Will Help Address the Following Key Questions

 How long should you expect retirement to last
 How much should you expect retirement to cost
 What sources of income should you access to during retirement
 What investment strategies can help you reach your retirement goals

Who Should Attend This Webinar

You will find this webinar relevant if you are considering a retirement plan, either nearing retirement or
recently retired. This webinar is designed to help you identify critical issues and questions that will need to be
addressed to ensure that you meet your retirement goals. It will reward you to establish a solid framework
throughout your retirement life.

Title: Keys to Investing for Retirement
Date: Thursday, November 7 th, 2019
Time: 4:00pm PST

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